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For FREE, list your resume on our website. Fill out our resume form under "Submit Resume", and fax / email your resume to us for review. If we see a match we will contact you first to see if you are interested in the opening, then contact employers with your qualifications.

Client Companies

For FREE, list your job openings on our website. Fill out our "Job Submit" form, or fax / email your job opportunities to us, and we will post them for you. We will not include your company contacts.

We will research our list of candidates in reference to your job listing. The candidates will be contacted by us initially to review their interest in your job opening. If they are interested, we will contact you and negotiate a favorable contingency fee with you.

Our Current Programs Are:

1.  25% of the first year salary with 60 day guarantee.

2.  30% of first year salary with a 90 day guarantee.

3.  33% of first year salary and all related expenses, exclusive retained search - Payment schedule to be negotiated.

All of the above contracts can be transmitted to potential clients when a verbal agreement is reached