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Employment:  H and M Architects Engineers Inc.
18 Year(s)
I have 18 years experience in a design/build and design/CM environment. My progression through these 18 years includes AutoCAD operator as an Industrial Designer, Project Coordinator, Quality Control Manager, Assistant Project Manager, and Project Manager. Upon graduation from college in 1999, I accepted a job with an Architectural and Engineering Design and Construction firm in Jackson, Tennessee. This company specializes in the design and construction of large distribution centers and manufacturing facilities ranging in industry from auto parts, electronics, and cement manufacturers to some of the biggest retail corporations in the world. The size of these facilities are anywhere between 200,000 square feet to well over one million square feet. Over the past several years, I have taken a leadership role in the company and have gradually seen my responsibilities, as well as my job titles, shift into a managerial type position. I have personally overseen the engineering for projects in 11 different states. I attribute these successes to the interpersonal skills and the technological and business backgrounds my Industrial Engineering training has provided me, as well as a drive to ensure our clients are given the most expert engineering guidance available. In 2009 I chose to accept the challenge of attempting to acquire engineering licensure in a field outside that of my collegiate training. The licensure in architectural engineering was a personal career goal that I set in order to validate the experience I had acquired in the multi-discipline engineering environment in which I have worked. After several hundred hours of preparation, I was able to accomplish this goal. In 2010, I found my duties shifting from project management to more of an account executive role, my client being our company’s largest and most important. I became the primary point of contact with this Fortune 500 Company, responsible for the engineering of all of their critical supply chain distribution center facilities. The role requires regular interaction with the company’s Chief Development Officer and President, during which status reports are given for all of the projects currently under development. Our two most current jobs consist of two very large facilities that have budgets of $80M and $120M.
1 Month(s)
1 Month(s)


  University of Tennessee
P.E. Architectural Engineering LEED A.P.

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