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Dear Mullin Company Hiring Official, I am writing to you due to my interest in the Project Manager position. I spent the last two years performing project management for a local print company based in Lexington, KY. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Kentucky. This position looks like an exciting opportunity. I am certain that the relationships, experience and work provided by Mullin Company would be invaluable to me, as someone who is trying further my career as a project manager. My ability to manage projects within or under budget, within a deadline have helped me to find success in my career. It is that focus on success that I would bring to your organization. Currently as a project manager, I lead both projects and people in the pre-production, production and post-production stages. It requires strategic management of resources and people, control of operations and detailed scheduling and planning. Attention to detail, tight deadlines and communication are my expertise. I am organized, passionate, hard-working, and ready for the next challenge in my life. I am hard worker and I take pride in my work ethic. I see myself as a fun person to be around and I am able to spark a conversation with anyone in the room. I love bringing joy to others around me and instilling a positive environment in the workplace. Positivity is a key to success and I bring that with me every day. I look forward to hearing back from you and greatly appreciate the opportunity at hand. Sincerely Yours, Richard Symons
Employment:  Adcolor Inc
2 Year(s)
Currently oversee the production process from inception to completion and evaluation. Create and manage production schedules, estimates and material resources. Responsible for the production team and managing the communication between different internal departments, customers and team members to ensure the scope of the job is being produced to estimate. Ensure production is produced at the right cost and level of quality. Responsible for the selection and maintenance of equipment. Work with the owners to implement the company’s policies and goals.
  Beasley Digital
1 Year(s)
Managed the Beasley installation team from product manufacturing to complete installation. Delegated daily tasks to team members using interpersonal and project management skills to ensure operations ran smoothly and projects were completed to company standard. Managed inventory for manufacturing equipment and supplies. Worked alongside other internal department managers to maintain an effective and efficient work flow. Liaised closely between customers and Beasley crew to coordinate and complete installations.
  U.S Army
3 Year(s)
Prepared and updated financial documentation for a 60-person company. Built, created and submitted career building packets to each level of higher authority. Successfully set up schools and courses for career building within the company. Successfully completed program development of classes and training situations to increase soldiers’ knowledge about their job fields. Coordinated daily departmental duties including preparation of company memorandums, creation of spreadsheets, implementation of protocol, and organization of the front office to run efficiently. Maintained platoon equipment with an overall accountability and operational readiness of 100%. Ensured over $200K of vital equipment remained clean and operational on a daily basis.


  University of Kentucky
Bachelors of Science

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