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To obtain a Construction Management postion with an established market and industry leader in order to maximize quality, efficiency, sales and company growth.
Employment:  Crane Builder2
11 Month(s)
Duties include all aspects of the building/remodeling process. Responsible for meeting with clients throughout the entire build, managing design, selections, and budget. Additionally responsible for scheduling the construction of the whole project and managing the build. Oversees all subcontractors, manages quality standards, controls budgets and keeps subs consistent with bids and invoices. Also, responsible for scheduling/completing all required inspections with various municipal building codes departments. Processes payroll for all subcontractors on a weekly basis and ensures project stays within budget per the contract. Meets with clients and architects on regular basis to discuss design/build options.
  Meritage Homes
1 Year(s)
Responsible for all areas regarding the construction of homes. Managed all on-site activities for the entire construction process of multiple homes simultaneously from beginning to completion. Additionally responsible for scheduling and managing the work of all trades constructing the homes in order to guarantee that work is completed with the highest quality, safety, efficiency, and within the specified budgets. Also in charge of quality inspections, scheduling and completing all inspections throughout the build required by municipal building codes departments. Met and communicated with homebuyers throughout the entire process of construction. Used BuildPro/Hyphen Solutions construction management software to schedule and manage the build with trades.
  Beazer Homes
2 Year(s)
Primarily responsible for all aspects of the home building process. Managed the entire construction process of many homes simultaneously from start to completion. Met with buyers before, during and at completion of construction. Additionally responsible for scheduling the build and managing all trades onsite daily to ensure that homes are constructed safely, efficiently, within specified timelines, and within budget. Creative, out-of-the-box thinking daily in order to overcome obstacles and stay on target. Used BuildPro construction management software to schedule the construction process and communicate with vendors. Also responsible for being on-site safety and SWPPP representative.


  Trevecca Nazarene University

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