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To lead a company or division construction activities. I am a self motivated construction executive with a forward thinking approach.
Employment:  Southern Land Company
3 Year(s)
At Southern Land I was responsible for the development and construction of large mixed use projects. These ranged from $35M to $100M. They were multi-family projects with retail and office components included.
  MGM General Contracting
2 Year(s)
At MGM I was the VP Operations in charge of the company operations and growth. I oversaw the pre-construction efforts as well as project execution focusing on a client first approach.
  BJ&K Construction
6 Year(s)
At BJ&K I moved up to the Senior Vice President overseeing the operations of the company. We typically had 4-5 multi-family mid rise or garden style projects going on at any time. The company volume was about $100M. I was in charge of project compliance with schedule budget and quality. I was also the maintained client relations.


  Penn State University
Bachelors of Architectural Engineering

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