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Apply distinctive knowledge both as a Design-Build architect in the execution of diverse type of projects in addition to the Forensic expertise supporting the fields of design and construction.
Employment:  DM Planning and Architecture Consultants
6 Year(s)
Provide Forensic Plan Review and field investigation consulting services to third-party companies representing the Insurance industry involving large scale projects. Analyzing potential construction errors and design omissions which may result in potential sources for litigation.
  J.R Bardin Company
7 Year(s)
Performed visual and invasive testing establishing responsibilities of construction defects associated with site conditions and building envelope performance in more than 7,000 residential and condominium units. Additionally, projects involving Commercial, Hospitality and Industrial buildings. Determine and quantify the cost of repairs for mediation and trial purposes, findings assisted attorneys in settling most cases.
1 Year(s)
Damage assessment to Private and Public buildings impacted by natural disasters providing recommendations reflected in PWs (worksheets). Applicants and facilities include Museums, Libraries, Courthouse, Detention Centers, Hospitals and over 40 Campuses encompassing multiple buildings with emphasis made in the performance of the roofing systems. Findings were determinating factors for applicants in securing financial aid funding from Federal and State Agencies, identifying those basic protective measures as required by Federal Guidelines under the Stafford Act.


  National Polytechnic Institute - School of Enginee

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